7. Development Roadmap

The development roadmap of the project is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Foundation Building

In the initial stage, the main goal is to establish a solid foundation for the ecosystem:

  • Assembling the Development Team: This process involves selecting and assembling a team of experts with suitable skills and experience, from programmers and analysts to blockchain and financial specialists.

  • Initiating Ideas, Shaping Future: At this stage, the team will develop and concretize the project's ideas. This includes defining goals, vision, and long-term strategy for the ecosystem.

  • Building the Basics: Beginning the technical development process, including building the blockchain infrastructure, designing user interfaces, and developing basic tools and services of the system.

Stage 2: Expansion and Development

This stage focuses on expanding the ecosystem and developing key functionalities:

  • Building and Developing the Community: Enhancing marketing and communication activities to attract users and investors, while developing a strong and committed community.

  • Launching GTF Token: Officially issuing the GTF token, forming the basis for transactions and interactions in the system.

  • Listing GTF on Decentralized Exchanges: Introducing the GTF token to decentralized exchanges, enhancing liquidity and broad user access.

  • Initiating Staking Program: Implementing the staking program, allowing users to lock their tokens to receive rewards and other benefits.

  • Developing Gamefi: Starting and developing blockchain-based games, adding value and attraction for users.

Stage 3: Optimization and Expansion

In the final stage, the main goal is to optimize and expand the scale of the project:

  • Listing GTF Token on Centralized Exchanges: Introducing the GTF token to centralized exchanges, expanding reach and enhancing market credibility.

  • Developing GTF Exchange: Building and deploying GTF's own exchange, creating a safe and convenient trading environment for users.

  • Launching E-Commerce: Developing and implementing e-commerce platforms, connecting users with products and services through the GTF token.

  • Developing Decentralized Derivative Exchange: Establishing a decentralized derivative exchange, expanding investment and trading opportunities for users, while providing a safe and transparent environment.

In this stage, the objective is not only to expand operational scale but also to optimize performance and service quality. Listing the token on centralized exchanges and developing new platforms like GTF Exchange and E-Commerce indicate efforts to diversify and enhance system accessibility for users. Expanding into Gamefi and derivative trading also marks important steps, opening new opportunities for users as well as creating additional revenue channels for the system.

=> This development roadmap emphasizes building and strengthening infrastructure, expanding community and services, and ultimately optimizing and expanding scale. Each stage has specific goals and implementation strategies, facilitating sustainable and long-term development of the Golden Tiger Fund system.

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