6.3 Features of token

GTF token of Golden Tiger Fund is not just a regular trading medium, but also plays an important role in shaping and developing the ecosystem of Golden Tiger Fund. Below are the detailed features that the GTF token offers:

  1. Right to participate in ecosystem decision-making: GTF holders have the right to directly participate in shaping important decisions of the Golden Tiger Fund ecosystem. They can engage in the voting process and proposals, contributing significantly to the development of policies and new directions for the system. This not only increases the value of the token but also makes the holders feel that they have a voice and impact on the system's development.

  2. Access to exclusive services and products: GTF holders are granted access to a range of exclusive services and products within the Golden Tiger Fund system. This may include special privileges, advisory services, or financial products not available to regular users. This exclusive access not only adds value for the token holders but also helps them maximize opportunities within the system.

  3. Receive special offers and promotional programs: Another significant benefit for GTF holders is receiving special offers and participating in promotional programs exclusively for them. This may include discounts, priority access to new projects, or other rewards and promotions.

Overall, GTF token is not just a transaction unit in the system of Golden Tiger Fund, but also a tool to encourage participation and commitment of the community. With these features, GTF token not only maintains its value in the market but also ensures sustainable and long-term development of the entire Golden Tiger Fund ecosystem.

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