4.1. Crypto Staking Crypto

Staking within the ecosystem of GOLDEN TIGER FUND is a vital part of the project, offering safety and optimizing returns for users.

What is Crypto Staking?

Crypto Staking is the process by which users "lock" their cryptocurrency assets for a certain period to support the operations of a blockchain network. For GOLDEN TIGER FUND, this process not only supports the network but also provides returns for the users.

Why is Crypto Staking necessary?

Crypto Staking is essential to ensure the stability and security of the blockchain network, allowing users to maximize returns from their assets while contributing to the system's growth.

How to participate in Crypto Staking?

To engage in Crypto Staking within the ecosystem of GOLDEN TIGER FUND, users need to "lock" their cryptocurrency assets. You will earn returns based on the amount you stake and the duration it is held in the system.

Note that when withdrawing profits from staking, there is a 3% fee, and this amount is transferred to the system's burn wallet. This contributes to maintaining transparency and supporting the system during the Crypto Staking process.

Furthermore, Golden Tiger Fund also has an Affiliate Marketing program aimed at boosting communication and spreading the project globally.

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